Monday, 3 January 2011

do your parity bit

I've been making more effort in the boy/girl zone lately, that includes gettin' in the online dating game...

Disparity in Effort

Generic online chick: Please be creative with your messages. I won't reply to "Hi, how you doing?"

This seems like a fair request but when your profile is under five lines and on the wrong side of basic don't ask for creativity. If you want creative we need material to work with. Inconsiderate.

Disparity in Interest

We're a few messages deep and you haven't read my profile, I'm driving the conversation and we're only talking about you? Pause. Quit to menu.

Disparity in Enthusiasm

Signing in every day (stalk much, J?) but taking five days to reply. I have an above average size ego. Making it apparent that I'm second best? Homie don't play dat.


K said...

Even in the digital realm, some women are still lemons.

It's ok.

Catch them when they hit 31 and include 'starting a family' as one of their ambition, they will be replying to EVERY MESSAGE at the speed of sound. Mark my words.

Eva said...

Generic online chick sounds like you found my (now deleted) pof profile!

But seriously, do you know how many "hi, how are you's" the average girl receives? It is impossible to reply to them all.

All generic chick is doing is weeding out the lazy and boring. Neither of which I think you are, ergo, no problem ;-)

John Boy said...

I find it hard to believe you wrote a basic profile, Eva. If it was a one paragrapher with some greyed out talk about being easygoing, bubbly and liking travelling then get up, go outside and slap yourself.

Eva said...

Bubby? Me? Not likely.

And I do see your point.

But it's internet dating. POF people work on the premise that if the pictures are up to scratch, a person merits further conversation, if not, they get x'd. Unless you're on eharmony (the relationship NOT dating site) where I assume they attract a better class of dater.