Monday, 13 July 2009


Still asking the ladies for too much perhaps...

If you're in a mood that is likely to leave me getting the conversation out of bed, washed and dressed with its shoelaces tied while you deliver monosyllables in a bored tone then just don't answer the phone. I can take my call ringing out now and then 'cos that's what big boys do. However, if you find that adhering to the above advice means you aren't answering the phone much then you're probably a moody person. Unacceptable.

The grass used to be greener. A pretty face like hers would slip the get out of jail free card under my conscious mind's radar and gain a stay of execution. Alas, this isn't John circa 2002: time wasting is against policy. So face or no, you'll get burned from the field in a timely fashion along with everyone else - rago.