Thursday, 28 January 2010

Too Many Man.

"I'll give you a tip. Check to make sure your date got home alright. It shows you care."

Too Many Man Syndrome. Far too many mans make my life harder for me by doing this kind of thing without thinking it through.

When it comes to getting home there isn't an inordinate amount of danger involved. Yes, we've all heard the horror stories but the thing is, in my story they always make it home. Every single one of them. All my dates. All my male friends' dates. All my female friends who have been on a date. I'm just listening to life telling me there's not much danger. That means this set of circumstances can't reliably measure how much I care because if there's no danger, I'm not worried. If I'm not worried, I won't check. Well adjusted.

Maybe I'm wrong about the danger, though. If so, why aren't people acting like it? Checking is the wimped out version of caring behaviour. Go in. Pimp your shit out - if it's dangerous be a man about it and escort her home. Let's be real though. I doubt guys fret about her safety, getting a hit of relief once they receive the 'I made it' text. At best the check is executed in a perfunctory fashion, at worst with base motives as the driving force - ticking those boxes 'til they get what they want.

Talk is cheap.