Tuesday, 30 June 2009

hyperbole with the safety off

The most famous man to have walked the surface of the earth will soon be put six feet under it. In my world he'd been in decline for so long that he doesn't leave an empty space - I never knew him and was done cherry picking from his works long ago. For his achievements as a musician and performer it's hats tipped and lances dipped, as it should be but some people just have to OD with the OTT:

"Look what he's done for the global economy"

"...because of him many people have pursued and become successful in their respectable jobs such as Tiger Woods, Opera [sic] and maybe even Mr Obama"

Love the caution when it came to Obama, like maybe he was pushing it... The safest way to indulge in hype while protecting your reputation is to ensure it's intentional. Unintentional hype is risky and may make you look the fool, a crack taker or a waffler.

By the way, Bow Wow deserves an honourable mention. He threw the kitchen sink at it:

"They got to bring him back".

The lad just needed a bigger sink.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Certain behaviour is a quick route to game over. Apparently I'm too fussy but am I asking too much?

I don't expect women to throw themselves at me in a desire fuelled frenzy but acting like you can take it or leave it? I can't take that, so I'll leave.

A bit of heart goes a long way, just look at Dirk Kuyt.