Monday, 19 April 2010


Why does my dictionay have 24 entries under the word love? That's not normal. That's not even close to normal. In fact, it's off the scale and about to blow. I suspect that this is merely splash damage, a ripple emanating from what appears to be widespread confusion...

Question. Is it really the only emotion that a normal, fully grown human can say, with a straight face, they have yet to experience? (play along by looking at one of the net's exhaustive lists of emotions and try to find one you haven't experienced) Or is it the fabled 'true love' strain they haven't experienced? Or perhaps they've experienced love but haven't been in love. I hear stuff like this all the time. We need a board.

While we're contemplating its exceptional nature... Why is it the only emotion with imposters? Infatuation, puppy love, love at first sight, etc. Depending on who you ask these may or may not be love. Why don't other emotions have this problem? Something isn't right.

Anything else of interest? As a matter of fact, yes. Not too long ago I was with a bunch of about ten people. Each having a different definition for love. A state of affairs that allows people to get away with stuff like this:

"I got love for him but I'm not in love with him."

What? Talk sense. Dabbling in a custom made love definition or two? Hmph. Looks like the L-word has a achieved runaway train status and if you're the thoughtful type it may well be coming to a conversation near you. Just hesitated when certain questions were put to you or when you should be delivering an expected verbal reciprocation? God help your relationship because stuttering something about the overwhelming quantity of definitions won't.

To be fair most people seem to understand love, if only in a viceral sense. They relate to the characters in a love story and to each other when they describe their own experiences. Nonetheless, knowing that words are the primary vehicle of communication, those of the inquisitive minority may realise that if a mutant word is attempting to crash their dictionary, there may be trouble ahead.