Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Cost

Gaming is an addictive pastime. I prefer a certain degree of control over my life and in labouring toward that goal I have learned what I can get away with when it comes to my hobby. Nonetheless, it involves an element of risk and the complex nature of life means that now and then there's a cost to be paid.

So when I realised that somehow I had missed Match of the Day 2, that somehow 3 hours had trickled undetected through my fingers, I knew I was in trouble. With another glance at the clock, it quickly became apparent that the only choices left to me were bad ones.

I could power down the PS3 and go to bed. Sadly, going to bed and going to sleep aren't the same thing. I'd probably come face to face with the limits of free will as my traitor mind defied me, preferring to formulate strategies while I should be getting much needed sleep. That road leads to much tossing, turning, pillow flipping and eventually fitful sleep. Alternatively, I could complete the mission knowing that when I do eventually get to bed I won't have trouble sleeping.

No matter what I chose that day the outcome would have been the same. There simply weren't enough hours to play with for it to be otherwise. Malfunctioning is the best adjective for my sleep starved brain. From standing aimlessly in the shower instead of getting clean to standing aimlessly infront of the wardrobe instead of getting dressed for work.

No ache, no cake. Ask GLADOS.