Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Random chick: Is that your pencil case?

Me: No.

A sheepish grin (affected) makes the "No" an unequivocal "Yes".

Random chick: Delightful!

The fact that chicks dig it isn't the point, though. The fact that the possibility of an ambiguity defence is negated by the fact that I found it in a pink-dominant stationary section doesn't really matter. The fact that its toxicity to man points is such that only a real man can get away with owning it - no es importante, amigo.

It's the best pencil case I've ever seen. I simply had to have it, dahling.


Eva said...

Yeah I love it - eeyore is one of my most misunderstood favourite childhood characters, along with oscar the grouch. I'm glad he's helping you pick up chicks :)

John Boy said...

Actually, he's helping chicks pick me up ;)

Eva said...

even better - play on player

Anonymous said...

Can you get me one?

John Boy said...

Only if you promise to use the attendant powers responsibly.