Sunday, 13 June 2010


Zheng: What's your exit?

Ethan: Base-jump off the top. I need a chute.

Zheng: Even at 162 [feet], you're pushing the minimum height for a jump. Chute opens any lower than that and you're dead.

The fictional realm. The only place where a reckless nature is a good look (Ethan ends up base-jumping from way lower that 162 - my guy). In the real world it's a character flaw.

When you OD on prescribed medicine because you thought you knew better than the accompanying guidelines that's reckless behaviour. "I figured I'd just take the whole day's course in the morning incase I forget to take them during the day". Riiiight.

As with many things, when it comes to recklessness there's a scale involved ranging from mild to severe. Wherever the above crackhead manoeuvre lies on that scale, I'd wager that the kind of actions it keeps company with include those that may lead to her future offspring being maimed or killed. Thanks for stopping me from wasting time with further courting behaviour, roodgurl.

Premptive Strike. Hoo-rah!


Eva said...

I'm actually curious to see your courting behaviour J - although I'm sure it's roodgurl's loss :)

John Boy said...

I'm not sure it is her loss. I mean, I saw a compatibility issue and took appropriate action, saving both of us time and pain. A gain then, whether she knows that is her bidness.