Sunday, 1 November 2009

you can't escape the rate

He: What's that?

Me: DJ Hero.

He: How much?

Me: A 1er.

He: 1er? You coulda put a score on top and copped some True Religion jeans.

Me: True Religion?

He: Oh my days! You don't know True Religion?

A blank stare is as useful as speech here.

He: They're sick. They'll make your poom-poom ratings go up. Just go up in Selfridges ask for the True Religion section. There are ones for all £400 but the 120s are still heavy.

Me: You've got the 400s?

He: Nah. The 250s. Check it out on my Facebook with the Gucci belt. One chick commented "Is that the Gucci belt? £150?"

Each to his own pathology.

Me: Was it?

He: What?! 'Course! The Gucci is sick... Seriously, the DJ Hero can only be making your poom-poom ratings go down.

'Poom-poom ratings' are probably only legal tender with certain females but that's academic because on a desert island they're definitely useless and that's what scratching, crossfading and rewiiiiiiinding your way to club land glory on DJ Hero for the whole weekend is - a desert island.

p.s. I stopped to watch an Episode of Lipstick Jungle (be about it) because riding the limits of human hand-eye co-ordination to death's door (damn you, Scratch Perverts) with the turntable peripheral is hard on the hands.


K said...

"poom poom ratings!" Is this is the world we live in? Where denim jeans and belts are the per-cursor to female interest?

Good gravy!

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Nic eblog you got...imma keep readin

John Boy said...

Thank you, sir. The more, the merrier.

Ice Koobs said...

Word up on DJ Hero. I just can't get enough. And if anything it will make your "Poom Poom Rating" go up.
Think about it.
At a party dropping some of the tunes on the sly. Girls will love your musical taste. Mainly cause all musical tastes are covered.

John Boy said...

Tru dat, koobs. Every DJ Hero is by default a party hero.